AngularJS Module Statistics

This page details some statistics and insight into the AngularJS modules added on this website. It's sole purpose is to educate and improve the quality of the current open source modules and future modules. It should show some irregularities in the modules with conerns to the core attributes of a well coded AngularJS module.

Version Support Statistics

This is measured by the module having a dependency version (semver) specified in bower.json or package.json for for angular core.

Point of interest 1.0.x 1.1.x 1.2.x 1.3.x 1.4.x Other Not specified
AngularJS Core Version Supported 72 (4.46%) 41 (2.54%) 212 (13.14%) 110 (6.82%) 66 (4.09%) 34 (2.11%) 1,079 (66.85%)

Licensing Statistics

This is measured by the module having a license specified the bower.json or package.json.

Point of interest MIT Apache BSD MPL Other Not specified
Number of modules with license type 609 (37.73%) 22 (1.36%) 23 (1.43%) 2 (0.12%) 28 (1.73%) 930 (57.62%)

Testability Statistics

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Compatibility Statistics

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Documentation Statistics

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Demo/Example Statistics

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Folder Structure Statistics

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Code Quality Statistics

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Activity and Trending Statistics

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Module statistics are auto generated and accurate as at 11/12/2017. This website does use caching so the statistics shown may not be taken as real-time statistics but as a general indicator "ballpark". We use various formulas are used to calculate these statistics so they may vary from time to time as we tweak the formulas used. These statistics are not in any way endorsed by or provided by the official AngularJS Team and should not be treated as point of truth for any publication materials or such. Although we do have the vast majority we do not have every AngularJS module so this should also be noted. If you have any questions please feel free to open an issue via GitHub. Thank you.