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Node.js sample for visualCaptcha. You can also see it live.

A demo/sample Node.js app that uses the visualcaptcha npm module and the visualcaptcha vanilla js bower package, as a proof-of-concept for how to integrate it with your Node.js project.


You need Node.js installed with npm.

npm install

Run server

To start the server on port 8282 (default), run the following command:

npm start

Run tests

If you want to run the unit tests, use the following command:

npm test


visualCaptcha, since 5.0, uses an API for increased security and to become back-end-agnostic (that's why you can easily plug-in a Vanilla JS, AngularJS, or jQuery front-end without changing anything).

It expects the following routes to exist, which we've put in this sample, using Express (just to make it easier).

You are expected to have these routes in your implementation, but you can change them in visualCaptcha's front-end config.

GET /start/:howmany

This route will be the first route called by the front-end, which will generate and store session data.


  • howmany is required, the number of images to generate.

GET /image/:index

This route will be called for each image, to get it and show it, by index.


  • index is required, the index of the image you want to get.

GET /audio(/:type)

This route will be called for the audio file, to get it and play it, either the mp3 or ogg file.


  • type is optional, the audio file format defaults to mp3, but can also be ogg.

POST /try

This is just a sample route, where we post the form to, and where the visualCaptcha validation takes place.


MIT. Check the LICENSE file.

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