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Videogular is an HTML5 video player for Angular 2.0. Videogular is a wrapper over the HTML5 video tag, so you can just add whatever you want. This provides a very powerful, but simple to use solution, for everybody.

You can see a demo here:

How to install

NPM commands

Run start to compile the project, execute tests and check coverage:

npm start

Run build to compile the project:

npm run build

Run test to test the project:

npm test

Run coverage to check the coverage report:

npm run coverage

To start the example app run the following commands and open http://localhost:8080:

cd examples
npm install
npm run build
npm start

Supported by

Videogular wants to thank you to this companies for support this project:


Videogular is a project created by Raúl Jiménez and released under MIT license.

This project would not be possible without our team members and an amazing community,

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