A feature rich Angular grid using standard HTML tables.

Angular Core Dependency: >=1.3.1

Module License: MIT

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Module Description

trNgGrid can be used for simple to mildly complex scenarios where you quickly need a data grid with a decent amount of features, which is easy to learn and to hook up with your data models thanks to its powerful data binding properties. All the configuration parameters can be set directly inside the view, hence you won't muddy your Angular scopes or controllers with configuration details.

For more complex scenarios and more fine tuned control, I recommend trying out Smart Table or forking trNgGrid and tweaking it to suit your needs.

Documentation and demo site


  • npm install tr-ng-grid --save or
  • bower install tr-ng-grid --save or
  • download the grid from the master branch, which contains the latest release. The files you're interested in are trNgGrid.min.css and trNgGrid.min.js.

Make sure you first include Angular and a Boostrap theme of your choice. Themes can be found on the Bootswatch website. Of course you can craft your own, as the grid layout is quite easy to style.


Feel free to report any problems you are experiencing, but before you do that, fork this simple Plunker and attempt to isolate the issue.

Development tips and PRs

To set up your dev environment, install npm, and then run npm install and bower install in the folder where you pulled the master branch. A VS2015 solution is included if you want to use it.

The source files are located in the typescript and the css folders. Running the default Gulp task will compile, minify and deploy the files into the root directory and also into a very simple sample located in the wwwroot folder. If you plan on sending a pull request, please don't make changes to the generated output files.

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