A simple app to flush out how to best write/test a RESTful API (Laravel 4.2+), front end Web App (AngularJS) with packaged laravel/homestead setup

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Erik Aybar
Erik Aybar

Module Description

The rundown...

  • Laravel 4.2+
  • AngularJS
  • Grunt ... or Gulp. We'll see :)
  • Homestead/Vagrant developement environment
  • PHPSpec ... and possibly Behat
  • Whatever other fancy jazz we decide to throw in the mix

Install/Setup Homestead Environment

  • Install homestead:
  • cd Project/Path/Homestead && cp Homestead-starter.yaml Homestead.yaml
  • "Should" only require some self-explanatory minor editing in the Homestead.yaml.
  • vagrant up
  • Edit your hosts file
  • Browse to
    • Laravel API:
    • FrontEnd:
  • You should be golden!

Running tests

Also: behat

  • From the LaravelApi directory
    • vendor/bin/phpspec run Or even better
  • Set up an alias or add to path
  • phpspec run --format=pretty

Voila! Beautiful documentation-ish test output with PHPSpec:


Note: Feel free to poke around the feature branches, issues, and wiki to see what may or may not be in the works.

Contributions/Feedback welcome.

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