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Module Description

ionic starter

More details on the whats and whys on StackMates

With gulp, sass, browserify

Based on starting project using ionic start cli

Getting Started ionic prerequisites

install ionic cli

Cordova version 3.4.0-0.1.2 has a bug...

npm install -g [email protected]


  • ionic platform android
  • ionic build android
  • ionic emulate android (takes ages)
  • ionic run android

re-run with

ionic run android

Android tips

Use ADB chome plugin


  • ionic platform ios
  • ionic build ios
  • ionic emulate ios
  • ionic run ios

iOS tips

Scale down emulator

window > scales | command 3

npm install -g [email protected]

Best practices

  • Use CSS animation
  • Provide visual clues that stuff is happening (users expect instant response)
  • Use your delusion


  • Find yourproject and replace as appropriate

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