Laravel 5 and AngularJS 1.3 starter kit featuring Foundation 5.5!

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Module Description

Laravel, AngularJS and Foundation starter kit

This is a starter kit for a Single Page Application featuring the modern Laravel PHP framework and Google’s acclaimed front-end framework AngularJS, featured with Foundation 5.5 for the GUI. Just download and play with it to build something great!


The "engine" (Laravel and Angular) are powered from the repository 'starter-laravel-angular' by Zemke.

  • Single Page Application
    • HTML5 mode URLs
    • Optimized Laravel and AngularJS routes
      • You kind of don’t need to care about routes, they work automatically as you add new views. Still allows for flexibility if you plan any special routes.
  • Authentication!
    • Flexible, extensible, clean
    • Token-based (tymondesigns/jwt-auth)
    • Persistent local storage
  • Larevel Elixir readily configured
    • Versioning of CSS and JS files (cache busting)
    • CSS and JS files will be included automatically
  • A whole ready CRUD architecture
  • Comes with Bootstrap and AngularJS configured to work together at their best
  • And more... have a try!


Clone the repository

git clone

Install the requirements

composer install --prefer-dist
npm install

Laravel stuff: use artisan to create the database (see database/migrations/)

php artisan migrate

Compile and watch any changes

gulp watch

Create an access at localhost:8080

php -S localhost:8080 -t public

Edit .env.example according to your environment and save as .env.


  • PHP >= 5.4
  • Composer
  • Gulp
  • NPM
  • MySQL


For now, Foundation was added with it CSS files. Soon, I will pass on SASS files for more flexibility.

Have fun! Any feedback is welcome: use Issues.

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