Laravel and AngularJS Starter Application Boilerplate featuring Laravel 5 and AngularJS 1.3.13

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Module Description

Laravel and AngularJS Starter Application

This is a repo for a starter application for a Single Page Application featuring the modern Laravel PHP framework and Google’s acclaimed front-end framework AngularJS. Just download and install and you have a good foundation for building any application.


  • Single Page Application
    • HTML5 mode URLs
    • Optimized Laravel and AngularJS routes
      • You kind of don’t need to care about routes, they work automatically as you add new views. Still allows for flexibility if you plan any special routes.
  • Authentication!
  • Larevel Elixir readily configured
    • Versioning of CSS and JS files (cache busting)
    • CSS and JS files will be included automatically
  • A whole ready CRUD architecture
  • Comes with Bootstrap and AngularJS configured to work together at their best
  • And more... have a try!


git clone
composer install --prefer-dist
npm install
gulp && gulp watch
php -S localhost:8080 -t public/

Edit .env.example according to your environment and save as .env.


  • PHP >= 5.4
  • Composer
  • Gulp
  • NPM
  • MySQL

Have fun! Any feedback is welcome. Use Issues or Twitter. My Twitter handle is @FlorianZemke. I’m looking forward to talk to you.

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