Sails Resources Service for AngularJS


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Sails Resources Service for AngularJS

Sails is realtime web framework for Node built on express and socket.io. AngularJS is a super heroic Javascript framework that makes creating advanced UIs a snap. Spinnaker is an Angular Service that talks to Sails, modeled after the official ngResource module. Rather than communicating with HTTP requests, spinnaker sends and receives realtime messages over socket.io. Thanks to Sails' realtime model updates and Angular's two-way data binding, you can query Sails resources like with $resource, and the models will be updated automatically when the data changes in the backend. If Sails is configured to use the redis pubsub adapter, an AngularJS frontend can be updated live from completely separate server processes.

tl;dr Spinnaker hooks AngularJS up to Sails for live data updates.


Bower is the preferred installation method. Install bower via npm:

$ sudo npm install bower -g

Install spinnaker via bower:

$ bower install spinnaker --save

Building from git is also easy:

$ git clone https://github.com/xdissent/spinnaker.git
$ cd spinnaker
$ npm install

The lib folder will contain the build artifacts.


Install Sails 0.9 and create a new app:

$ sudo npm install 'git+https://github.com/balderdashy/sails#development' -g
$ sails new example --linker
$ cd example

Install spinnaker and dependencies into the Sails assets folder via bower:

$ echo '{"directory": "assets/js/components"}' > .bowerrc
$ bower install spinnaker --save

Generate a Sails model:

$ sails generate widget

Add spinnaker and AngularJS to your layout at example/views/layout.ejs:

  <!-- ... snip ... -->

    <script src="/js/components/angular-unstable/angular.js"></script>
    <script src="/js/components/spinnaker/lib/spinnaker.js"></script>

    <!--SCRIPTS END-->

Create an AngularJS app at example/assets/linker/js/app.js:

// A widgetService module to provide the Widget resource.
angular.module('widgetService', ['spinnaker'])
  .factory('Widget', ['spinnaker' , function (spinnaker) {
    return spinnaker('widget');

// A widget list controller.
var WidgetListCtrl = function ($scope, Widget) {
  // Use the spinnaker service to query for all Widgets.
  $scope.widgets = Widget.query();

  // Create a widget.
  $scope.create = function () {
    var widget = new Widget({});
    widget.save(function (widget) {
    // Or create via $http:
    // $http.post('/widget', {});

  // Update a widget.
  $scope.update = function (widget) {
    // Or update via $http:
    // $http.put('/widget/' + widget.id, widget);

  // Delete a widget.
  $scope.destroy = function (widget) {
    widget.destroy(function () {
      var index = $scope.widgets.indexOf(widget);
      if (index >= 0) {
        $scope.widgets.splice(index, 1);
    // Or destroy via $http:
    // $http['delete']('/widget/' + widget.id, widget);
WidgetListCtrl.$inject = ['$scope', 'Widget'];

// The AngularJS application.
angular.module('app', ['widgetService'])
  .controller('WidgetListCtrl', WidgetListCtrl);

Finally create a view for your app in example/views/home/index.ejs:

<div ng-app="app" ng-controller="WidgetListCtrl">
  <button ng-click="create()">Create Widget</button>
    <li ng-repeat="widget in widgets">
      <pre>{{ widget }}</pre>
      <button ng-click="update(widget)">Update Widget</button>
      <button ng-click="destroy(widget)">Destroy Widget</button>

Start the Sails server and visit http://localhost:1337:

$ sails lift


The spinnaker service is configurable via its provider from any AngularJS module that requires it:

angular.module('myApp', ['spinnaker']).config ['spinnakerProvider', (sp) ->

  # Set the socket.io endpoint URL
  # default: window.location.origin or 'http://localhost:1337'

  sp.setUrl 'https://different.socket.io:911/server/'

  # Enable/disable mock mode (used by unit tests)
  # default: false

  sp.setMock true

  # Alter the default action methods applied to each resource
  # default: (shown)

    get: method: 'get'
    create: method: 'post'
    save: method: (params) -> if params?.id? then 'put' else 'post'
    update: method: 'put'
    destroy: method: 'delete'
    query: method: 'get', isArray: true

  # Change the global interceptors (which are no-ops by default)
  # default: (shown)

  sp.setDefaultInterceptor ['$q', ($q) ->
    success: (resource) -> resource
    error: (err) -> $q.reject err

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