AngularJS module to make remote sort and paging

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Module Description

SortAndPaging pre-alpha

AngularJS module to make remote sort and paging.

Simple module to include and allows remote table sort and paging using JSON. It's a pre-alpha release, it needs a lot of features and tweaks but it works and it's easy.

##Prerequisites You NEED AngularJS (duh!) and bootstrap (not really, but it's usefull).

Bootstrap isn't really needed, but you should provide '.icon-arrow-up' and '.icon-arrow-down' CSS classes with the images with the sorting.

##Quickstart Include the file

<script src="path/to/file/pagingAndSorting.js" type="text/javascript"><!-- --></script>

On your application.js you should inject this new module

myApp = angular.module('myApp', ['pagingAndSorting']);

And you're ready to go!

##Usage ###Sorting To make the sorting, just mark the <th> for the column with the atrtibute sort-column and pass out the property wich should be sorted by. Sorting is always 'ASC' then 'DESC'.

    <th sort-column="'name'">Name</th>
    <th sort-column="'age'">Age</th>
  <tr ng-repeat="your repeat function">

###Paging The paging is a element called <pages></pages>, it's the only thing you should put to make the paging works. It uses the btn-group bootstrap's class and the inner buttons the btn class.

###In the end you should have a beautiful table like this

Name Age

###Server Side On the server you should recieve another parameter for your call called pageable, this object looks like this:

pageable = {
   page_number: 1,
   page_size: 10

You'll have to implement this in your server-side language, and it also expects your response to be like:

  contents: [],     //the array of elements returned
  total: 100,       //the total amount of records within the query
    page_number: 1, //the returned page's number
    page_size: 10   //the page's size

Having setted up your server-side, put the attributes and the element, now you turned your boring old table into the super paged and sorted table your table always wanted to be

##Drawback You can only have 1 sorted and paged table per controller.

I hope this can be usefull to someone!

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