a Cordova mobile app built with Ionic framework & AngularJS (dedicated to the humanist writer and thinker Mario Rodriguez Cobos, aka "Silo")

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Module Description

Silo App

a mobile app dedicated to Mario Rodriguez Cobos "Silo", the humanist writer and thinker: a collection of his major books and a map of all places around the world where activities are being developed.

Features (wip)

  • multilanguage
  • side menu
  • local db (JSON)
  • read text with font zoom, dark mode and chapter menu
  • markdown rendering
  • smarphone / tablet automatic tempalte switching


an online preview of this app is available at


this app is designed for smartphones and tablets, iOS and Android, built as Cordova (PhoneGap) project with OpenSource technologies:

  • Ionic Framework
  • AngularJS
  • angular-translate
  • Apache Cordova


all development and source code are at

you can join and help with development, or just watch and learn from my errors ;)

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