Angular module that triggers actions on scrolling to a point

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Po Chen
Po Chen

Module Description


~~Work in progress~~

Not really WIP anymore but haven't got time to write the docs

Read the tests as How to use :)

Trigger actions on scroll to a point

This module is based on img-src-ondemand, the other module that I wrote some time ago to delay image loading to only when they appear on screen. Recently, I wanted to write a new infinite scroll library to replace the use of ngInfiniteScroll which I don't like so much. Reason being it requires you to pass a selector or a selector function as setup so the service can find the infinite scroll container. This doesn't work well if the container is somewhere in a route view. The container should be able to reach the service, so that doesn't matter where it's put, it can work. After some thought, I realized that the logic it requires here is already written in my previous library. Now, I extracted the logic and generalized it, so it can be used in a much wider range.


Here is a plunker demo. Scroll down slowly to see the images being loaded as you scroll to them.


How to use can be found in tests

The tests are both tests and examples

Featured examples

  • test_img_src_ondemand shows how to reproduce the functionality of img-src-ondemand module
  • test_infinite_scroll shows how to implement infinite scroll with this module
  • test_scroll_to_animate shows how to implement common animation trigger on scrolling to.

Some real usage instructions will be added later

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