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Module Description



RavelCMS Ver 1 is getting ready to be released.

  • I am planning to change the whole design of the admin panel soon.
  • Here is a preview of the new design. Screenshot

CMS Package for Laravel 4


How to Install

  • Install L4 App from Github ( Watch this if you need to know how : http://net.tutsplus.com/tutorials/php/how-to-setup-laravel-4/)
  • In your app composer.json file, add:
    "require": {
        "raftalks/ravel": "*"
  • Configure your database settings in the L4 app/config/database.php file
  • Open your terminal in the L4 App root directory and run php composer.phar update command
  • Add Ravel Service Provider to the app/config/app.php file under the array key "providers" as shown below

'providers' => array(


  • And run the following command in the terminal to start installing the CMS package
 php artisan ravel:install
  • The above command will publish all the assets and run the migration and seeds
  • Before using Ravel CMS, you may want to do some configuration changes like setup a username and password, look inside vendor/raftalks/ravel/src/config/app.php file, by default the username is "admin" and password is "ravel".

How to update the package

  • Use the following composer update command to download the updates
php composer.phar update
  • and after downloading the updates, run the following artisan command to make sure migrations and package assets gets updated
php artisan ravel:update

Setting up custom fields to Post and Page

  • Check the config file under the package path app/config/packages/raftalks/ravel/content.php
'custom_fields' => array(

            //'post'        => array(
                            //      "{metakey}" => array('label'=>'{name}','type'=>'{text}', 'attr'=>array(), 'options'=>array())
                            // )

            'post'          => array(
                                'somefield' => array('label'=>'custom field','type'=>'input_checkbox'),
                                'custom_field3' => array('label'=>'custom field','type'=>'ng_datepicker'),
                                'custom_field2' => array('label'=>'custom field2','type'=>'select','options'=>array(1=>'test',2=>'two',3=>'three',4=>'four'))

            'page'          => array(),

            'attachement'   => array(),


Admin Panel

  • By default the CMS admin panel is available on http://www.domain.com/admin and you can change the base url to admin panel by changing the app config file of the package.

Documentation will be updated soon

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