An offline DB demo based on AngularJS framework and HTML5 IndexedDB

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Module Description

This is a single page application based on AngularJS framework and HTML5 IndexedDB. It manages a simple local database, to which users can add, remove, update, search and list records.

Here is a demo page.

Thanks to IndexedDB, we can maintain a offline DB now. No Application Server, no DB server, all we need to run this DB is just a browser.

About browser compatibility, all sane browsers that support HTML 5 (especially IndexedDB, of course) are fine, but Chrome is highly recommended because I only included webkit properties for some CSS animation effects.

Safari? No. It does NOT support IndexedDB and some other HTML5 features, at this moment. Steve Jobs once claimed proudly in AllthingsD 8 conference that Safari provided best support for HTML5, but only 2 years later it is left behind Chrome, Firefox, or even some other browsers. What a shame.

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