Your AngularJS Module for Offline operations

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Will Mendes
Will Mendes

Module Description

ngOfflineModel - Your module for Offline operations with AngularJS

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1 - Via bower

$ bower install ng-offline-model

2 - Clone this repository and access the generated folder

$ git clone git:// [project-name]
$ cd [project-name]

Once you have ngOfflineModel in your project, just include 'keepr.ngOfflineModel' as a dependency in your Angular application and you’re good to go. It's works!

    angular.module('myModule', ['keepr.ngOfflineModel'])

3 - Methods:

  • primaryKey: Primary Key that will be used for ngOfflineModel. This value will be unique;
  • fields: Fields for mapp in ngOfflineModel. Only these chosen fields will be stored for the service;
  • key: Key used for store locally (localStorage and sessionStorage are stored key value based);
  • secret: Secret key for store;

4 - Methods:

  • init: service contructor;
  • createValueObject: Create the ValueObject of item for add/edit/list, based in fields attribute;
  • setStorageType: set/update storageType (localStorage/sessionStorage);
  • setKey: Set the storageType key for store in browser, based in key => value;
  • getKey: Return the key used in this moment for ngOfflineModel instance;
  • setListItems: Add default/first list items for store in storageType selected;
  • getListItems: Return list items stored locally in browser;
  • setFields: Set fields that ngOfflineModel will be map for store;
  • countTotalItems: Return the count of totalItems, based in Primary Key;
  • create: Create new item in list items stored locally;
  • update: Update item stored locally in list items;
  • delete: Remove item stored locally;
  • clearAll: Clear all items stored locally, based in storageType;

5 - Example:

var contactMock = [
  {_id: 1, name: 'Allan Benjamin', address: 'St. Claire Avenue, Nº 101', phone: '557188339933'},
  {_id: 2, name: 'Georgia Smith', address: 'St. Claire Avenue, Nº 102', phone: '557188339933'},
  {_id: 3, name: 'Gregory Levinsky', address: 'St. Claire Avenue, Nº 103', phone: '557188339933'},
  {_id: 4, name: 'Jackeline Macfly', address: 'St. Claire Avenue, Nº 104', phone: '557188339933'},
  {_id: 5, name: 'Joseph Climber', address: 'St. Claire Avenue, Nº 105', phone: '557188339933'},
  {_id: 6, name: 'Joshua Jackson', address: 'St. Claire Avenue, Nº 106', phone: '557188339933'}

var params = {
  key: 'contactMock', // localStorage/sessionStorage key
  primaryKey: '_id', // primary field. This field will be increased automatically
  fields: ['_id', 'name', 'address', 'phone'] // Fields mapped for store

var ContactModel = ngOfflineModel.setStorageType('localStorage')
                                  .init(contactMock, params);

ContactModel.getListItems(); // return contactMock value;
ContactModel.getKey(); // return 'contactMock';
ContactModel.countTotalItems(contactMock); // === contactMock.length;

// Create an item
var contact = {
  name: 'This is a test',
  address: 'Adress test',
  phone: '557188998877'

// Update the item
contact = {
  phone: '559554138698',
  _id: 7 // This field is verified based in `primaryKey` attribute value

// Removing the item

// Removing all items of storage


Wilson Mendes (willmendesneto)

New features comming soon.

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