AngularJS Module for Bonita BPM platform. This module allows you to quickly build business application by providing user management api, authentication api, business process api, ...

Angular Core Dependency: ^1.2

Module License: Apache-2.0

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AngularJS module for Bonita BPM platform. This module acts as a Bonita REST API client. It allows to quickly build business application by providing user management API, authentication API, business process API, ...


  • this module is not an official extension of Bonita BPM
  • this module is compatible with Bonita BPM 6.0 and onward but some resources may be missing in early Bonita versions



The project binaries are available here


In order to use ngBonita, you will need the following JS dependencies:

  • Angular core 1.3.0 or upper
  • Angular resource module

Build instructions

If you wish to build the project from the sources, follow these instructions:

  1. Make sure you have installed grunt. See this guide for more instructions.
  2. Open a command line at the project root directory
  3. Run "npm install"
  4. Run "grunt build"

Simple Example:

The following example will log in Bonita with user "walter.bates" and will list the process definitions that he has the right to start using the browser's console:

var app = angular.module('appMainModule', ['ngBonita']);

app.config(function (bonitaConfigProvider) {
    // Optional call to override Bonita URL setup

// Application controller
app.controller('AppController', function($scope, $log, bonitaAuthentication, ProcessDefinition){
    // Logs into Bonita as 'walter.bates'
    bonitaAuthentication.login('walter.bates','bpm').then(function() {
        // Lists all process definitions that can be started by current user
        ProcessDefinition.getStartableByCurrentUser().$promise.then(function (processDefinitions) {
            $log.log('Listing '+ processDefinitions.items.length +' process definition(s):');
            for (var i=0; i<processDefinitions.items.length; i++)
                $log.log('  - '+ processDefinitions.items[i].name +' '+ processDefinitions.items[i].version);
            // Logs out of Bonita

Resource documentation

As of latest version, the following resources are available:

  • ArchivedCaseDocument
  • ArchivedHumanTask
  • ArchivedProcessInstance
  • BonitaSession
  • CaseDocument
  • HumanTask
  • ProcessDefinition
  • ProcessInstance
  • User

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