Easy to use Angular2 components for files upload


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Module Description

ng2-file-upload npm version

Easy to use Angular2 directives for files upload (demo)

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Quick start

  1. A recommended way to install ng2-file-upload is through npm package manager using the following command:

npm i ng2-file-upload --save

Alternatively, you can download it in a ZIP file.

  1. Currently ng2-file-upload contains two directives: ng2-file-select and ng2-file-drop. ng2-file-select is used for 'file-input' field of form and ng2-file-drop is used for area that will be used for dropping of file or files.

  2. More information regarding using of ng2-file-upload is located in demo and demo sources.

API for ng2FileSelect


  • uploader - (FileUploader) - uploader object. See using in demo

API for ng2FileDrop


  • uploader - (FileUploader) - uploader object. See using in demo

Parameters that supported by this object:

  1. url - URL of File Uploader's route
  2. authToken - Auth token that will be applied as 'Authorization' header during file send.


  • fileOver - it fires during 'over' and 'out' events for Drop Area; returns boolean: true if file is over Drop Area, false in case of out. See using in ts demo and html demo


Please follow this guidelines when reporting bugs and feature requests:

  1. Use GitHub Issues board to report bugs and feature requests (not our email address)
  2. Please always write steps to reproduce the error. That way we can focus on fixing the bug, not scratching our heads trying to reproduce it.

Thanks for understanding!


The MIT License (see the LICENSE file for the full text)

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