Angular Directive which shows weather

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Module Description


Angular Directive which show weather


Go to project directory

npm install

bower install

npm install -g grunt-cli (if not installed)

grunt production


To display the example, you can execute ./

If there is a problem, you must install npm and express

node server.js

How to install directive

Add js/weatherWidget.js into html links Inject module 'WeatherModule' into the main application implement the tag '<widget-weather lang="fr" city="montpellier"></widget-weather>'

By default, the language is english.

Available parameters

  • mode : 'complete' by default, if mode="light|lite" then we display a light wersion of the widget
  • lang : the language to display
  • city : what city which we want display its weather
  • city-lat [Optional] : the latitud of the city
  • city-lon [Optional] : the longitud of the city

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