An AngularJS module for navigation highlighting


Angular Core Dependency: 1.2.16

Module License: MIT

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Module Description


ng-ScrollSpy is an AngularJS module for navigation highlighting.

Grab it with Bower:

bower install ng-ScrollSpy.js

Include it in your AngularJS application

var myApp = angular.module( 'myApp', [ 'ngScrollSpy' ] );

The following line is your navigation item element which will be given an active class when the specified ID is spied upon. It is element type unspecific. You can listen for multiple elements with pipe separation.

<span data-scrollspy-listen="myID">myID</span>
<span data-scrollspy-listen="myID|another">multiple</span>

This is the element you wish to spy on. Offset can be set specifically on elements as well.

<section id="myID" data-scrollspy-broadcast data-scrollspy-offset="100"></section>

There are some global config options available:

myApp.config([ 'scrollspyConfigProvider', function( scrollspyConfigProvider ) {
    scrollspyConfigProvider.config = {
        offset: 250, //offset added to element
        //include your fav throttle function
        throttle: _.throttle,
        //or define your own
        throttle: function(e,t,n){var r,i;return function(){var s=n||this;var o=+(new Date),u=arguments;if(r&&o<r+t){clearTimeout(i);i=setTimeout(function(){r=o;e.apply(s,u)},t)}else{r=o;e.apply(s,u)}}},
        delay: 100 //the delay between scroll events

NOTE: this AngularJS module is simply a scrollspy, anchor linking / smooth scrolling is another modules concern.

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