An AngularJS module for reacting to when your app is busy.


Angular Core Dependency: ~1.2.0

Module License: MIT

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Module Description

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An AngularJS module for reacting to when your app is busy.


You may wish for a simple way of letting your parts of your UI know the app is doing something. A simple example is a submit button that lets the user know their request is being processed, and for it to be disabled until the request is complete so they don't submit twice. This module can help. You can go here for a demo.


Copyright Mike Grabski @HackedByChinese

Licensed under MIT


  • Angular 1.2.0 or later

What NgBusy Does

Check out the Overview in the wiki.

Getting Started

Include angular-busy.js after angular.js.

Bare bones example:

angular.module('demo', ['ngBusy'])
    .controller('DemoCtrl', function($scope, $http) {
      $scope.submit = function() {
        // some arbitrary code that triggers an HTTP request
        $'/path', {message: 'Hello world'});

In a partial:

<div ng-controller="DemoCtrl">
  <button busy="Submitting.." ng-click="submit()">Submit</button>

When "Submit" makes an $http request, the content of button will be replaced with a busy message. When the request completes, either by rejection or success, the content of the button will be restored.




Contributors are welcome. I use the git-flow lifecyle, so master is the stable release and development is where latest ongoing development is happening.


You will need Node/NPM, Grunt, and Bower. Once you checkout from git, run npm install then bower install to get dependencies.


Use grunt test to run unit tests once, or grunt test-server to run them continuously.

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