A tool for building RESTful models for AngularJS

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Module Description


A tool for building RESTful models for AngularJS


Install dependencies:

npm install
bower install


grunt build

Watch and run unit tests:

grunt dev


  • docs
  • examples
  • add directives to handle supressing model changes from the view to the model
  • suggestions?


This is a simple model factory inspired by angular's $resource and built on top of jmdobry's awesome angular-cache.

The model factory builds simple resources that implement REST/CRUD functions with the help of angular-cache. The model-factory creates a single point of truth--all references to an instance point to the same object in memory no matter how many requests you make. This cuts down on memory usage and ensures that the model state is identical across all instances of the model in your controllers. The model-factory also decreases time to render by returning a cached value instead of making multiple requests.


Using angular's two-way binding can lead to unforeseen consequences because all references to a model point to the same object in memory. Let's say a model is bound to an input using ng-model and displayed somewhere else on the page. Editing the input will cause the the other value to update immediately. The server instance of the model will only be updated by calling the model-factory's create or save call. Make sure to keep this in mind while using the model-factory in your app. (visual aids to come).

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