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Module Description


Load on demand angularjs modules. Angularjs module is designed to download other modules angularjs when they need them (lazy load).

Key features

  1. Dependencies are automatically loaded
  2. Debugger like ( no eval code )
  3. The ability to mix normal boot and load on demand


  1. Put loadOnDemand.js into you project:

    <script src="loadOnDemand.js"></script>
  2. Specify dependence loadOnDemand module for your application:

    var app = angular.module('app', ['loadOnDemand']);
  3. Configure the service provider $loadOnDemandProvider

    app.config(['$loadOnDemandProvider', function ($loadOnDemandProvider) {
        var modules = [
                name: 'module_name',     // name of module
                script: 'js/module_name.js' // path to javascript file
  4. When will need to download the module, enter it in the markup by the directive load-on-demand:

    <div load-on-demand="'module_name'"></div>

See the example in the folder 'example'

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