Module to be able to change the locale at an angularjs application

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Module Description

Issue 02 - Angular Dynamic Locale

This is a demo project showing how to use angular-dynamic-locale, a module that facilitates loading native ngLocale modules asynchronously. That way you can change the main language of Angular app at runtime and modify the way dates, and currencies are presented using the default filters.

App preview

Special Thanks to @lgalfaso for this awesome module.

In this issue quick video, we will walk you through using Angular Dynamic Locale and setting it up on your project.

Watch how to use Angular Dynamic Locale

How to run this project

This is a grunt project. So you will need to follow this steps after cloning the repo.

  1. Run npm install
  2. Run bower install
  3. Run grunt serve

Make sure you have Ruby with the compass gem installed. Also you'll need Node.js and the modules grunt-cli and bower.


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