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Module Description


This application implements a simple backend for a greeting api using Google Cloud Endpoints, App Engine, Oauth2 and Java.





Create OAuth 2.0 client IDs

  1. Go to https://code.google.com/apis/console and create or choose your project.

  2. Click on API Access link, fill in all relevant infomations and click create a new Oauth2 client ID or create anthor client ID if you already created one

    • make sur that web application is selected
    • click Your site or hostname (more options) link and then fill in : optional : Authorized Redirect URIs : https://app-id.appspot.com required : Authorized JavaScript Origins : https://app-id.appspot.com. Add all urls that will be used to access your app (localhost:8080 for example to test locally).
    • validate your creation
  3. Update the value of application in appengine-web.xml to the app ID you have registered in the App Engine admin console and would like to use to host your instance of this sample.

  4. Update the values in src/main/java/sfeir/devs/samples/spi/Ids.java to reflect the respective client IDs you have registered in the APIs Console.

  5. Update the value of CLIENT_ID in webapp/js/base.js to reflect the web client ID you have registered in the APIs Console.

  6. mvn clean install

  7. Run the application with mvn appengine:devserver, and ensure it's running by visiting your local server's address (by default localhost:8080.)

  8. Regenerate client lib by running : mvn appengine:endpoints_get_client_lib

  9. Deploy your application to GAP : mvn appengine:update

  10. Access your application on https://app-id.appspot.com

Your done

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