Single Page Application (SPA) Demo with Hapi.js, AngularJS and Azure Table Storage.

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Single Page Application (SPA) Demo with Hapi.js, AngularJS and Azure Table.

Here’s the technology stack used for the demo app:

  • REST API – Node.js and Hapi.js
  • Data Persistence – Microsoft Azure Table
  • Web App – AngularJS

The following Node.js modules are using for the REST API.

  • hapi – HTTP Server framework, used for building the REST API app.
  • azure - Windows Azure Client Library for node, used for persisting data onto Azure Table storage.
  • joi - Object schema validation module for Hapi.js.
  • node-uuid – Generating unique id for Node

Setting up the API app

Step 1- Create a Storage Account in Azure

Create a storage account in Azure and take the storage account and storage key from Azure portal.

Create Free Trial Account in Microsoft Azure

This demo app uses Microsoft Azure Storage which need a subscription in Azure. You will get free one month trial account in Azure which also provides free $200 credits to spending on all Azure services. You will get the free trial account from here.

Step 2 - Add a Configuartion File for Storage Account Connection Information

Add config.json file into the API folder and add the following onto the config file with your Azure storage name and storage key:

    "STORAGE_NAME": "Azure storage name",
    "STORAGE_KEY": "Azure storage key",
    "PARTITION_KEY": "myBookmarks",
    "TABLE_NAME": "bookmarks"

Navigate to the folder API in the command prompt, enter npm install.

Running the App

To run the API server, navigate to the folder API in the command prompt and enter node server.js. To run the Web app, make the index.html page as the start page of web app.

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