A Yeoman Generator to create Angular2 apps right now.


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Module Description

Generator Angular2

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A Yeoman Generator to aid in bootstrapping an Angular2 application using the very latest Angular2 Beta release.

Getting Started

Install both Yeoman and this generator globally.

npm install -g yo generator-angular2

In your desired project folder run the generator.

yo angular2

You'll be prompted to start the server once the generator has finished.

You'll then be able to access the application at http://localhost:8000. Serving the application can be configured in the gulpfile.js using gulp-webserver options.

To run this server, execute this command in your terminal:

gulp dev

Generated Structure

The structure generated is;

- src
    - index.js
    - index.html
    - {generated-file-name}.js
    - {generated-file-name}.html
- .editorconfig
- .gitignore
- gulpfile.js
- package.json


All contributions are more than welcome, no matter how large or small.

Clone the repository and cd into it

git clone [email protected]:swirlycheetah/generator-angular2.git && cd generator-angular2

Install the project dependencies

npm install

Link the package to use the version you're working on

npm link

Run the tests to ensure no failures

npm test

Submit a pull request with your changes


Released under the MIT license:

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