Generate AngularJS states from Front Matter in state templates. Used by Foundation for Apps.

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Module Description

Front Router

Front Router simplifies the creation of routes in AngularJS by allowing you to define them directly in your view templates.

State settings are defined in a Front Matter block at the top of each template.

name: post
url: /post/:id
controller: PostController


Front Router parses each file, removing the Front Matter from the HTML and storing it in a JavaScript object of states. This object is saved as a new JavaScript file, which can be read by another library and converted into actual routes.

This library was developed for use with Foundation for Apps, a responsive web app framework from ZURB, to simplify the process of prototyping single-page web apps.


Front Router is a Gulp plugin that takes in HTML files, removes the Front Matter, and returns the modified file. When the stream ends, the route data is written to disk as a new file.

var gulp = require('gulp');
var router = require('front-router');

    path: './build/js/routes.js',
    root: './src/templates/'

The Front Router function accepts two parameters:

  • path (String): filename to write the routes to.
  • root (String): root folder of the templates.

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