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FormStamp is a pure AngularJS widgets library designed for rich front-end web applications. FormStamp core principles are:

  • all widgets are written from scratch;
  • maximum AngularJS compatibility (supports ngDisabled, ngModel and other standard directives);
  • styled with Twitter Bootstrap;
  • clean & minimalistic codebase.

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FormStamp can be installed via Bower Package Manager:

bower install angular-formstamp


There are 3 levels of directives:

  • Form Builder - orchestrates building of complex forms; provides simple DSL-like markup for describing forms and hides complex markup from you.
  • Widget directives - most often used widgets.
  • Low-level directives - common concerns for widgets construction, can be used to build your own custom widgets.

Form Builder

  • fsFormFor - root form builder directive;
  • fsInput - renders a row with input in form builder;
  • fsRow - renders a custom row.

Widget Directives

  • fsSelect - select input with free text support (select/combo);
  • fsMultiselect - multiple select input with free text support;
  • fsTime - time input;
  • fsDate - date input with fsCalendar inside dropdown;
  • fsDatetime - widget composed from fsTime and fsDate to enter both date and time;
  • fsRadio - a group of radiobuttons;
  • fsCheck - a group of checkboxes.

Low-level Directives

  • fsList - renders a list of items and allows to move selection up and down (with custom templating for items);
  • fsNullForm - hides input with ngModel binding from a parent form;
  • fsInput - simplifies keyboard & focus events handling;
  • fsCalendar - draws a calendar and allows to mark one day as selected.

Development Environment

Install node.js

curl | sh # install nvm
nvm install 0.10

Clone FormStamp repository

git clone [email protected]:formstamp/formstamp.git

Install bower dependencies and node.js packages

  cd formstamp
  nvm use 0.10
  npm install && cd demo && npm install && cd ..

Build, start demo server and start watching changes using

npm start

# open browser @ localhost:8080/index.html

Now, point your browser to http://localhost:8080/ and you'll see FormStamp's demo page.

NOTE: These commands add nvm command to .bash_profile. It may not work if you are not using bash shell (like zsh). In this case you have to manually configure profile file.

Running Tests

Run unit tests:

npm test

To run protractor tests you could use:

npm run-script e2e

To build bower package in dist/ run:

npm run-script build

Release Notes

To see what has changed in recent versions, see the CHANGELOG.


FormStamp is released under MIT License.

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