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Module Description

#fnAlerts fnAlerts is a module that allows alerts to be shown in your application. The fnAlerts module has a service, Alerts, which holds the alerts messages and has methods to add and remove the alerts. The directive, fn-alerts-display, is meant to be added to your primary template. It will display alerts centered in a fixed position. I have left the styling pretty bare so it can be easily modified.

##Demo http://frozennode.com/fn-alerts.html


Add fnAlerts as a dependency to your application

angular.module('testApp', ['fnAlerts']);

Add the fn-alerts-display as an element or attribute in your template


Inject the Alerts service in your controller

App.controller('testController', function($scope, Alerts){


add The add method has 4 arguments message (required) - string - the message to display type (optional) - string - the css class to attach to the alert's list-item (li) container expires (optional) - number - the number of milliseconds to show the alert. defaults to null. The item will remain until explicitly removed. showRemove (optional) - boolean - show the remove button on the alert. Defaults to true

returns a number - This number is the index to pass into the remove method to remove the alert.

Alerts.add('Example Alert', 'css-class', 1000, false);

remove Remove an alert by index index - number - the index returned from the add method


removeAll Removes all the alerts in the service


get Get an alert object by index index - number - the alert index to retrieve

returns an alert object

var alert = Alerts.get(1);

getAll Get all of the alerts from the service

returns an object (by ref) containing all of the alerts


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