Bring structure to your Famo.us apps with the power of AngularJS. Famo.us/Angular integrates seamlessly with existing Angular and Famo.us apps.


Angular Core Dependency: 1.3.8

Module License: MPL v2.0

Added by: Sam Deering





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Module Description

Famo.us/Angular Build Status

Add Famo.us interactions and animations to any AngularJS application and build Famo.us applications with AngularJS.

Using F/A, you can:

  • Create Famo.us apps using familiar AngularJS tools like controllers, directives, and services.
  • Bring rich Famo.us animations to new or existing AngularJS apps.
  • Use HTML to declare Famo.us UIs, complete with Angular's two-way databinding.
  • Easily integrate Famo.us and AngularJS apps.

###Read More Project Site

###Download Famo.us/Angular Starter Kit or bower install famous-angular

###Sample projects and generators


####Before you start, tools you will need:

  • Download and install git
  • Download and install nodeJS
  • Install bower npm install -g bower

####Inside of your app:

  • Run bower install famous-angular
  • Add the following to your index.html
  <script src="bower_components/famous/dist/famous-global.js"></script>
  <script src="bower_components/famous-angular/dist/famous-angular.js"></script>
  • Add<link rel="stylesheet" href="bower_components/famous-angular/dist/famous-angular.css"> to the <head> of your index.html
  • Add the famous.angular module to your Angular module list (e.g. in a main app.js file: angular.module('yourMainModule', ['famous.angular']))
  • And add an <fa-app style="height: 200px"><fa-surface fa-background-color="'red'">Hello world</fa-surface></fa-app> in one of your templates. If you see 'Hello world' on a red background, you should be good to go. Note: currently, the element that the <fa-app> is on must be display: block (like a <div fa-app> or a <p fa-app>, or just <fa-app>) and must have a defined height (like style="height: 200px" in this example.)

CDN Dependencies

Here are a few CDN URLs for Famo.us and Famous-angular specific dependencies just in case you are not able to use bower or node for tooling in the app. You will still need to ensure that you have Angular 1.2.26 in your project as it is a dependency for Famous-Angular.


  • http://code.famo.us/famous/latest/famous-global.js
  • http://code.famo.us/famous/latest/famous.js
  • http://code.famo.us/famous/latest/famous.css


  • http://code.famo.us/famous-angular/latest/famous-angular.js
  • http://code.famo.us/famous-angular/latest/famous-angular.css


  • Feel free reach out for support on the Famous IRC channel on Freenode.
  • Please submit issues as Github issues.
  • Please create a CodePen forked from this pen for all of you code issues.


See CONTRIBUTING.md for dev environment instructions and contribution guidelines.

##Get in touch

As mentioned above, please direct support questions to GitHub Issues so that community members can help answer questions as well as benefit from answers.

For anything else, tweet at @befamous.

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