Echoes is a media player based on youtube which provides a great user experience. Overall, it's a web application that is based on angular.js & bootstrap.


Angular Core Dependency: 1.5.11

Module License: MIT

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Oren Farhi
Oren Farhi

Module Description

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Echoes Player ~(EMC)

Echoes is a great youtube player developed by Oren Farhi. It's fun & easy to listen or watch videos from youtube with Echoes. What if youtube was designed to be used as music player?

Echoes Player is also available as a Chrome Application

It can be regarded as the Media Player experience for youtube listening pleasure. Other than that - it's a sample web app built with Backbone, Bootstrap and Require.js. It is the full version of Tikal's Backbone Workshop Project.

Updates & Help

Echoes is constantly developed and enhanced with missing features such as creating playlists, organizing by albums or other favorite attribute. You may suggest, contribute or reporting various issues in the issues system.


  1. Install NodeJS - or via command line
  2. Gulpjs: npm install -g gulp
  3. Bower: npm install -g bower
  4. Phantomjs (client testing): npm install phantomjs
  5. Karma (client test runner): npm install -g karma
  6. for Node Debugging using node inspector: npm install -g node-inspector (? install less npm install -g less)

Development mode

To run the project, please use:

gulp serve


Tests are invoked via terminal

UI Unit Tests

Running unit tests npm test
Running unit tests in debug mode - npm run testd

Running local unit tests with Browserstack

not working at the moment
Taken from github
run this in one terminal - ./BrowserStackLocal 9adu6HNztrMjYwJBJPPD
run this in another terminal - browserstack-runner

  1. use browserstack.json

End To End Tests

  1. Pioneer.js - npm run pioneer
  2. Protractor - npm run e2e
  3. Protractor with Debug Mode - npm run e2ed
  4. Protractor in Browserstack - gulp test:e2e

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