CornerCouch - AngularJS module for CouchDB

Angular Core Dependency: ~1.2.0

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Module Description


CornerCouch - AngularJS module for CouchDB

Make sure to check the Wiki on GitHub for more information

See an example on my IrisCouch or access the same data cross-site (JSONP or CORS) from my web site

CornerCouch wraps the CouchDB core http APIs for documents, attachments, views, and sessions in three JavaScript object classes: CouchServer, CouchDB, and CouchDoc. The 'CornerCouch' module exposes a single resource 'cornercouch', which is the factory for CouchServer objects. CouchDoc is an inner class of CouchDB and CouchDoc objects are automatically associated with a database.

On the Angular side CornerCouch relies on $http, providing a higher level http/REST interface of its own, separate from $resource. Its sole dependency is the core AngularJS 'ng' module. jQuery is not required and not utilized.

CornerCouch has been developed based on Angular.js 1.0.3 and CouchDB 1.2.0. The upload of attachments depends on the HTML5 File API and does not support IE9 or older.

Bugs and Fixes

###Please report any problems to me via e-mail or as a GitHub issue


  • Included the guestbook.html sample here on GitHub
  • Upgraded to Angular.js 1.2.1
  • Implemented CouchDB.queryMore() and CouchDB.queryActive

####2013-03-24 Several small fixes identified by the expanded sample application

  • CouchServer.getUUIDs()
  • CouchServer.getInfo()
  • CouchDB.getInfo()
  • CouchServer.getUserDB()
  • CouchServer.getUserDoc()
  • CouchServer.logout sets userDoc = { }
  • CouchServer.login sets (fix for CouchDB glitch)

####2013-03-15 Bug (typo) in CouchDoc.detach(name) fixed, test now included in sample app on IrisCouch.
Thanks to Reece Lewellen for finding it and providing the fix.

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