Chat room app built with Cordova, Ionic and Angularjs

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Module Description

Chat Room apps with Cordova, Angularjs & Ionic

Slides for sharing here: (Dec 2013) [] (

Trying to make ionic, cordova and mobile SDK works together on my Mac. And built a Chat Room apps for my coding course students.

Install libraries

brew install node
npm install -g ionic
npm install -g cordova
  • download and setup android SDK in path:
  • download and setup ant in path:

Create new app and build for android / ios

ionic create hello-world
cd hello-world
cordova platform add android
cordova platform add ios
cordova build

Start modifying code and add features !

all the source code is in www folder read Ionic Tutorials

Running as localhost web

when you develop, you would want to run the page on your dev machine:

cd www
python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8000

you may want to use Grunt when you develop the pages on your dev machine, checkout:

Running in emulator

npm install -g ios-sim
cordova emulate
cordova emulate ios    
cordova emulate android    

Running in connected devices

npm install -g ios-deploy
cordova run
cordova run ios 
cordova run android

Run the app in Eclipse

the android project will be available in platforms/android

  • open Eclipse
  • import the android code with "Import Existing Android Code"
  • run the application by right click on left hand side project explorer: "Run As" > "Android"
  • create a virtual Android device if you haven't. any device size and any model would do

Run the app in XCode

the xcode project file (.xcodeproj) will be available in platforms/ios

Note to myself

the following doesn't work on mobile:

<script src="//"></script>
<script src="//"></script>

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