Native AngularJS & CSS AutoComplete with trailing hint text

Angular Core Dependency: 1.2.x

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Module Description


Native AngularJS & CSS AutoComplete with trailing hint text

Angular Module: net.enzey.autocomplete

Directive Name: nzAutoComplete

Live Example:

| required | directive params | description | | ------------- | ------------- | ------------- | | true | ng-model | The model value on the scope to set the selected input to. | | false | display-path | The path within the returned objects from the getResultsFn to get to the hint text of the object. | | false | selection-required | If the input must exactly match a hint text. | | false | min-char | The minimum number of input characters needed to set the model and call get-results-fn. Leading and trailing spaces are not counted toward the entered character count. | | false | silent-period | The amount of time to wait for no input before before calling get-results-fn. Default: 250 | | false | no-results-text | The text to display when no results are found. Default: 'No Results' | | true | get-results-fn | getResultsFn(inputText) - A promise that returns the hints to display. | | false | position-hints-fn | positionHintsFn(hintListElem, inputElem) - Function that allows custom positioning of the hint results. |

<div nz-auto-complete get-results-fn="_resultsFunctionOnController_" ng-model="modelLocation"></div>

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