Angularjs, Wordpress and Zurb Foundation. This theme turns Wordpress into a Single Page Application.

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Module Description

I. Angularpresstheme: Angularjs + Wordpress + Zurb Foundation

Angularjs, Wordpress and Zurb Foundation. This theme turns Wordpress into a Single Page Application CMS.

II. Configuration

  • Install json api plugin . Go to settings/json api and activate all its components

  • Set your permalink Custom Structure to /%category%/%postname%/

  • Check if category base and tag base are set to none or '/'. If your category base, tag base or custom structure are structured like these: 'http://yoursitename/blog' or '/blog' You'll need to configure angularjs routing in library/app.js as follows:

      when('/', {
      **change to**
      when('/blog/', {
      when('/:primaryNav/', {
      **change to**
      when('/blog/:primaryNav/', {
      when('/:primaryNav/:secondaryNav/', {
      **change to**
      when('/blog/:primaryNav/:secondaryNav/', {


  • You need php 5.3+ and your server must have allow_url_fopen set to on

  • If you use multisite with WPMU DOMAIN MAPPING outdated plugin and WP 3.8 you should update it to the new version:

    Multi-Domains for Multisite and Domain Mapping plugin or any other domain plugin that works with

version 3.8.1 of wordpress

  • If you use any type of maintenance plugin that redirects to 503 error page, you must deactivate it (this will be addressed in a future version)

  • Check that your angularpress/library/views is writable

III. How to use It

Create a new page, choose a template and click publish. An angularjs html template will be generated in library/views folder.

###Changing page-templates

If you make changes to any page-template you will need to update its respective angularjs template by clicking on the publish/update button in menu/pages/all pages.

Example: if change something on the contact.php template you need to update the page that use that template in order to preview your changes.

###Reading Settings

Important: Each time you change front page displays you will need to rebuild angularjs html templates as well.

For instance: change your latest posts to a static page , then choose front-page as Home and posts page as Blog.Click Save Changes button. Go to menu/pages/all pages and update Home and Blog page (you can use the quick edit menu as well). If you do the opposite way, say from a static page to your latest posts you should do the same thing and update Home and Blog again.

IV. Note about WP plugins

Most WP plugins should work. But some of them will need some tweaks in order to work and others probably won't work at all.

###Example:Contact form 7

Put shortcode at line 90 on page-templates/contact.php Generate contact.html : go to pages and generate contact.html by clicking on update or publish button on your contact page.

Really Simple Captcha will not work, because it is not ajax made.

V. Note about jQuery plugins

###Foundation jQuery components Most of them won't work at all. They will be replaced by an angulajs bootstrap-ui version.

###Mixitup and others

You will need to make a simple directive for example:

angularpressApp.directive('mixitup', function () {
    restrict: 'A',
    link: function (scope, element) {
        return element.mixitup(
            transitionSpeed: 600

VI. Known bugs

  • Cant go back from admin area to preview page/posts
  • Reactor menu dont disappear when set visibility to private or state to pending or draft
  • When opening browser after some hours routing not working anymore

VII. Todo


  • Gmail and Youtube like routing
  • SEO with PhantomJS
  • Google Analytics and WP SlimStat plugin
  • Update to foundation 5
  • Update foundation components and shortcodes to boostrap-ui
  • Responsive design: Build mobile site
  • Comments form
  • Contact form
  • Splash Screen design
  • WP option for angularjs routing: category base, portfolio post name, etc
  • Main Menu and Sidebar reactor menu
  • Blog "posted" Date Href and Time tag (datetime)
  • Publish page bulk action
  • Grunt
  • Requirejs and r.js on theme build
  • Rename post/page slug should rename angular template file
  • States: pending & draft
  • Visibility: set private & set password
  • Reading Settings: date and time format
  • Multisite compatible
  • Views folder on a CDN
  • Make preview for post or page
  • Security
  • Accessibility
  • Child Theme
  • Woocommerce compatible
  • Buddypress compatible
  • WIP- work in progress. Work offline and synch when back on. See John Papa's concept: Code Camper

VIII. License

Angularpresstheme is GPLv2 -
Reactor by awtheme is also GPLv2 -
Foundation by ZURB is MIT -
MixItUp by Barrel LLC is CC BY-ND 3.0 -

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