Angular JS with Requires JS integrated with MVC4.0

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Module Description

AngularJSPOC with BootStrap

Angular JS with Requires JS integrated with MVC4.0 designed with BootStrap.

I ve developed a angular js based framework with require js.

I ve refered for understanding and used most of the code in my verion from here.

The aim is to provide the ready to use project structure which can be used with MVC.

For the sake of simplicity I ve user MVC controller in place of Web API.

For database I ve used SQL server Compact Edition.

you can use the following credentials to test the code. username: [email protected] password:qwe123

or you can signup using the signup form.

I ve integrated search option too.

Right now user can login, signup, Add/Edit acivity inline, add activity in a separate view and search activity too.

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