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Module Description

##angularJS TealiumIQ integration##

This is a sample module to integrate tealiumIQ into your site easily. The main libraries for tealium are:

  • tealium.js
  • tealium_data.js

tealium.js - contains the main logic to be called when a route updates or an element who's selector has been added to the config is clicked.

tealium_data.js - contains the data object that references each page that you define.

###Sample usage###

In your app module add the 'TealiumHelper' dependency example:

app = angular.module('app', ['TealiumHelper']);

In your application controller, call tealium.view() in a listener for any given event:

    function($scope, tealium) {
     $scope.$on("$includeContentLoaded", // any broadcast event to listen for
        function () {

** Another alternative is to declare a function in the current scope and call it inline when an element loads

    function($scope, tealium) {
     $scope.tealiumView = tealium.view;

You can then use tealiumView() anywhere thats within scope of your app controller to fire a tealium view, effectively simulating a page view event. example:

< body ng-app="App" >
   < div class="slide-animate-container" >
     < div ng-view class="slide-animate" >
       < div ng-include="template.url" onload= "tealiumView()" >< /div >
     < /div >
   < /div >

 < /div >
< /body >

** These are only sample methods to implement, choose whichever meets your apps needs the best.

####Configuring the Tealium Module#### #####TealiumConfigure##### In tealium.js the following items need to be edited. In the 'TealiumConfigure' module there are the following items

  • this.uiSelectors - (String) CSS selectors for elements you want to add automatic link tracking to. (example: '.trackable, input')

  • this.view_id - (String reference) an object that is a reference or function that returns a unique key for the current view. This key will match the view keys in the 'TealiumUDO' module

  • this.data_connector - (Object) an object representing a set of data that you want to pass to the 'TealiumUDO' module to ingest.

  • this.account (String) tealiumIQ account

  • this.profile (String) tealiumIQ profile

  • this.environment (String) tealiumIQ environment ("dev", "qa", "prod")

  • this.suppress_first_view (bool) true disables the default utag.view() track call by default when the library loads #####TealiumUDO##### In tealium_data.js the following items need to be edited. In the 'TealiumUDO' module there is a view_id_map object that are a set of key:value pairs.

  • The keys are strings that match the view_id being passed from 'TealiumConfigure'

  • The values are references to closures which return an object literal that matches the page type of the view_id For every key in view_id_map the closure references need to exist such that they are:

  • An anonymous function

  • return an object literal with all data that needs to be exposed for the page type associated with the view_id

In this repo is a set of very simple files to test the plugin

** a plunker to test the files

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