An AngularJS service that creates a Modal Popup with a given HTML template and controller

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Module Description


An AngularJS service that creates a Modal Popup with a given HTML template and controller.

The Service createDialog can be used to create a modal using Twitter's Bootstrap on the fly.


  1. Twitter Bootstrap CSS
  2. the createDialog.js file

Using it:

Getting it via Bower

  1. bower install angularjs-modal-service

Getting it otherwise

  1. Download createDialog.js and include it as part of your library

Using it

  1. Include the createDialog.js file in your index.html file.
  2. Include the '' as a module dependency when you define your app
  3. Import the createDialog Service in your App Controller.
  4. Call the createDialog() function from your controller, using the following syntax :
    id : [modal_id],
    title: [modal_title],
    backdrop: [backdrop_visible],
    success: [modal_success_button],
    cancel: [modal_cancel_button],
    controller: [modal_controller],
    backdropClass: [modal_backdrop_class],
    footerTemplate: [modal_footer_template],
    modalClass: [modal_class],
    css: {
        [css properties key: value]
}, {modal_custom_data});


  • template_url [string] : the url of the template of the body of the template.
  • modal_id [string] : the unique html id attr of the template.
  • modal_title [string] : is the title of the modal to be displayed in its header section.
  • backdrop_visible(optional) [boolean]: whether to hide the html page behind the modal under an overlay
  • modal_success_button(optional) [object]: the object add a submit button to the modal with its functionality


    {label: '[label_of_button]', fn: '[function_on_click]'}
  • modal_cancel_button(optional) [object]: the object add a cancel button to the modal with its functionality. For configuration options see modal_success_button
  • modal_controller(optional) [string] : is the controller attached to the modal.
  • modal_backdrop_class(optional) [string] : the css class for the backdrop of the modal.
  • modal_footer_template(optional) [string] : the footer template of the modal.
  • modal_class(optional) [string] : the css class for the modal.
  • modal_custom_data(optional) [object] : is an object where each key becomes an argument to the controller of the modal.

Where can I see a demo?

Glad you asked. Go check out our GitHub page for the AngularJS-Modal-Service

Who are you?

We are Fundoo Solutions, an awesome company based out of India who just love AngularJS. Check out our website or our LinkedIn page.


The code above is open sourced, and licensed under the MIT License, which is the simplest and easiest to understand, and most open. Basically, feel free to use this code or modify it as per your needs. The actual license can be found in the LICENSE file.

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