Simple module for localization your angular applications

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Module Description

L10n module for Angular.js


Simple and fast module for localization your angular applications.


bower install angularjs-l10n


angular.module('myApp', ['l10n']);

You can use either external files with translations or just add translations from your main.js

For external files you have to create directory with files inside. Each file for each localization. For example en.json.


angular.module('myApp', ['l10n']).config(['l10nProvider', function(l10n) {
  l10n.setLocale('en'); // first of all you must set locale. You can take it from anywhere, for instance navigator.language
  l10n.setExtension('js'); // not required. By default 'json'
  l10n.pathToFile('translations/'); // if you set pathToFile, your JSON file with translations from that directory will be loaded
  // you can just add any translations like this
  l10n.add('en', {
    'Hello World!': 'Hello World',

After configuration you can use l10n as a service:

Just add l10n as dependency in your controller or directive or whatever:

angular.module('myApp', ['l10n']).controller('myController', ['$scope', 'l10n', function($scope, l10n) {
  console.log(l10n.trans('Hello World!'));

Or as a filter. In your templates write:

  <span>{{ 'Hello World!' | trans }}</span>

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