AngularJS library for working with Google Maps

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Module Description

AngularJS Google Maps

AngularJS library for working with Google Maps.

Unlike other Google Maps libraries, this library is heavily focused on providing easy-to-use AngularJS directives that require little to no programming knowledge.

Install the library

Download the code from this repository or use Bower:

bower install angularjs-google-maps

Include it in your app

Make sure to load the AngularJS library and the Google Maps API:

<script src="//"></script>
<script src=""></script>

Then load the AngularJS Google Maps library:

<script src="bower/angularjs-google-maps/dist/angularjs-google-maps.js"></script>

Finally add the gm module as a dependency to your AngularJS app:

angular.module('yourApp', ['gm']);

That's it! You can now start adding Google Maps directives to your markup.

The Google Maps Places Autocomplete directive

The gmPlacesAutocomplete directive turns an input into an input that listens for user input and provides place predictions based on the input.

The markup

<input type="text" gm-places-autocomplete="autocompleteOptions" ng-model="autocompleteModel" />

The controller

When the place changes, a gmPlacesAutocomplete::placeChanged event is broadcasted:

angular.module('places', ['gm'])
    .controller('placesAutocompleteCtrl', ['$scope', function($scope){

        // Define options
        $scope.autocompleteOptions = {};

        // Listen to change event
        $scope.$on('gmPlacesAutocomplete::placeChanged', function(){
          console.log('Place has changed');


The model provides access to the google.maps.places.Autocomplete service API so you can do things like:

// Listen to change event
$scope.$on('gmPlacesAutocomplete::placeChanged', function(){

    // Get place

    // Get bounds


Check out the Autocomplete documentation for a complete list of available methods.



Currently working on a set of easy-to-use hierarchical directives that allow a user to build a map semantically like this in pure markup:

<!-- Draw map -->

    <!-- Add marker to map -->
    <gm-marker="{lat: x, lng: y}">
        <!-- Draw a circle around the marker -->
        <gm-circle="{radius: 1000}"></gm-circle>
        <!-- Show an infoWindow when marker is clicked -->
            Content of the info window
    <!-- Add second marker to map -->
    <gm-marker="{lat: x2, lng: y2}"></gm-marker>
    <!-- Add third marker to map -->
    <gm-marker="{lat: x3, lng: y3}"></gm-marker>

Change log


  • Added gmPlacesAutocomplete directive


  • Added logger service
  • Updated gmPlacesAutocomplete directive to use logger service


  • Added options to gmPlacesAutocomplete directive
  • Added unit tests for event broadcasting


  • Updated gmPlacesAutocomplete directive to immediately assign original Google API to model


  • Updated gmPlacesAutocomplete linking function to use public api of controller


  • Added installation instructions to readme
  • Registered with Bower
  • Added live demo on plnkr
  • Added roadmap

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