Demo AngularJS 1.x app built with ES6 modules using Grunt, SystemJS and Traceur

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Module Description

AngularJS ES6 & HTML5 Demo App

Demo AngularJS 1.3 app built with ES6 modules using Grunt, JSPM / SystemJS and Traceur.

The HTML5 template is via using Bootstrap 3.x


  • node.js: brew install node

Application Dependencies

All the dependencies required for the build system, testing and so on are managed with npm and defined in package.json. They can be installed with:

npm install

Running the Application

Run the index.html through a web server i.e. http-server via NodeJS or Apache...

Updating / Customising the Application

The build process is handled via Grunt; which watches the the /js/src/* folder when running, and compiles out changes via the jspm bundle-sfx command. This transpiles the ES6 source code into browser friendly ES5, and can be run successfully via Google Traceur-runtime.

Open a new terminal window and run


Any changes now made within /js/src will be picked up and transpiled into the /builds folder.

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