Angular.js Calendar Example (not in active dev atm, PR appreciated)

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Module Description

Angular.js Calendar Example [Work in progress]

This is a first approach of writing a calendar application using Angualar JS and jQuery. Bug fixes and code optimisation are highly appreciated.

The jQuery 1.8.3 and AngularJS 1.0.3 libraries are loaded from the Google CDN. If the libs are not reachable for some reason, a fallback to local copies is implemented.


  • jQuery
  • Angular.js Toolset for application development
  • Moment.js A 5kb javascript date library for parsing, validating, manipulating, and formatting dates.


  • Load and render events from a json feed
  • Drag&Drop events
  • Changing duration by resizing of an event
  • Switch between weeks
  • Highlight acutal day, indicate actual time with a timeline

Still ToDo

  • Preloader / Fade-in/-out events
  • Show event details on click
  • create new event by dragging
  • Only Allow one slot at a time
  • Allow Events over midnight
  • Scroll to now or first upcoming event on load?
  • Sync changes with server
  • Make it cross-browser bullet proof
  • ...

Sources & Thanks

  • Function to calculate lighter colors, inspired by cwolves
  • Function to keep track of mouse position, inspired by bennadel

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