An angularjs directive and small framework for quickly designing 2d grid based board games.

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Module Description

Angular Grid Games

An angular directive and small framework for quickly designing 2d grid based board games. This is a work in progress. The Checkers and Othello game examples are functional.

Years ago I wrote an othello clone when I was learning javascript, more than decade later now, while researching angularjs, I thought it would be cool to revisit 2d board games on a modern stack.


Currently you need to include grid_board_games.js and the controller for the games you would like to use (othello_game_board_controller.js, chess... et). All styles and layout are handled through css. The directive applies minimal classes to the layout.

Here is an example usage

<div class='gameContainer' ng-controller='OthelloGameBoardController'>
    <div ng-game-board cols='8' rows='8' ng-model='gameBoard'></div> 
      <li>{{ activePlayer().name }} it's your move </li>
      <li ng-repeat='player in players'>
        <span class='{{player.token}}Token'>{{}}: </b> {{player.score}}

     <select ng-model='firstPlayer' ng-options=' for player in players'></select>
     <button ng-click='newGame()'/>New Game</button>
     {{ gameStatus }}

##Generates the following grid and playable game alt tag

##And Checkers is now functional with single jump mechanics alt tag

##Number Puzzle alt tag

##Chess is a work in progress alt tag

The look and feel differences are completely handled via css

##Tests Test have been provided in Jasmine. You can view them by loading spec_runner.html in a browser alt tag


  • More Tests
  • Other Games (Chess, Go, Pente, Peg Solitaire, tic-tac-toe)
  • Get a demo on gh-pages branch
  • Node back end

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