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Module Description


Version 1.1.2 & 2.0.0-beta.3 now support UMD bundles. Version 2.0.0-beta.14 now supports AoT compilation.

Angular 2: AIO Modal / Dialog window

A fully generic, customizable and fluent modal window implementation for Angular. angular2-modal is UI platform/framework agnostic, plugins** are used to describe a UI implementation (e.g: Bootstrap)
This means virtually any modal implementation out there can be ported into angular2-modal. angular2-modal will come with some built in UI platforms, external UI platform can be added in the future or externally used using NPM modules.

See the DEMO:

Quick walk through

Take 5 minutes to read a quick walk through with samples of how to use Angular 2 Modal

Built in plugins:

  • Bootstrap
  • Vex
  • POC implementation of JS Native modal (window.alert/prompt/confirm) to demonstrate a hostile takeover :)

Built with angular 2


  • Easy to use API via Fluent API Presets (alert, propmt, confirm)
  • Can render Component's, TemplateRef's and literal string
  • Extendable via plugins.

Bootstrap / VEX

  • Customizable with components, Presets and more...
  • Select cancel/quit key.
  • Cascading modals.
  • Element blocking.
  • Blocking / Non blocking modal.
  • Modal as a component, replace the content by supplying a custom component.

That's how easy it is:

    .title('Hello World')
    .body('In Angular 2')

Click HERE for a quick walkthrough
Click for the Demo Make sure to check the code generator!


Use this plunker for quick showcasing and issue reports.

Sample code: Custom Modal dialog (version 1.1.1)

Code Generator!

See src/demo for demo app with examples.


    npm install angular2-modal --save


See systemJS example in this plunker Include both module and UMD bundle approach


Plugins serve as a concrete UI implementation for a modal. It can be an implementation for a known library (e.g: bootstrap) or something unique.
While angular2-modal has some built in plugins it is also possible to use external plugins from NPM, if someone decide to build one.

Running locally

git clone  
npm install  
typings install  
npm run start
browse to localhost:3000  

You can apply custom modals based on components.

Issues and TODO's

~~Declarative modal component~~ IMPLEMENTED

~~Create a modal from declarative template syntax~~

~~Animation~~ IMPLEMENTED

~~Not so complicated but not in angular 2 at the moment.~~


~~Switch to material2 overlay implementation when done.~~


~~Build a umd bundle.~~

~~Base support~~ IMPLEMENTED

~~Provide base classes for generic components~~

Unit & E2E test

Add tests...

Support Universal

Test against universal-starter to enable universal support.

Support Change detection

Support OnPush with an observable api model (fluent observables)

Known bugs

The dialog closes when removing the target DOM element in a click event

ref issue#111

To avoid this problem use event.stopPropagation(); or put the element removal inside a setTimeout call

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