Angular2 Minimalist Starter

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Module Description

Angular2 Minimalist Starter

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A starter kit featuring:

  • Router
  • Component
  • Form
  • Dependency Injection
  • HTTP service
  • Observables
  • Core Directives
  • Custom Directives
  • Custom Pipes

Development utilities:

  • Production ready
  • Incremental Compilation for TypeScript files
  • Live-reload when the source-code changes
  • Static analysis linter for TypeScript
  • Static analysis linter for Sass
  • Karma setup
  • Example tests


Maintain an up-to-date and minimalist project using the very latest version of Angular2, while exposing most of the Angular2's features. Thus anyone can use it as an extremely minimal base to get up and running with Angular2 and TypeScript (using Webpack for assisting with boilerplate).

Quick start

git clone
cd angular2-minimalist-starter
npm install
npm start # then go to http://localhost:8080
Use a TypeScript-aware editor to view/edit the code


The following projects have served (a lot) as inspiration and help:

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