An AngularJS WYSIWYG directive that multiple instances and two-way data-binding.

Angular Core Dependency: >= 1.0.0

Module License: BSD

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Terry Moore
Terry Moore

Module Description

Angular WYSIWYG directive.

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bower install angular-wysiwyg

Required dependancies

  • [AngularJS] (
  • [Font Awesome] (
  • [Twitter Bootstrap] (
  • [bootstrap-color-picker] (

Install each dependancy to your AngularJS project.

Add 'wysiwyg.module' to your main angular.module like so

angular.module('myapp', ['myApp.controllers', '', 'wysiwyg.module']);


<wysiwyg textarea-id="question" textarea-class="form-control"  textarea-height="80px" textarea-name="textareaQuestion" textarea-required ng-model="yourModel.model" enable-bootstrap-title="true" textarea-menu="{{yourModel.customMenu}}"></wysiwyg>


Option|Description ---------------------|--------------- ng-model | REQUIRED - The angular data model textarea-id | The id to assign to the editable div textarea-class | The class(es) to assign to the the editable div textarea-height | If the height is not specified in a text-area class then the hight of the editable div (default: 80px) textarea-name | The name attribute of the editable div textarea-required| True/False HTML/AngularJS required validation enable-bootstrap-title| True/False whether or not to show the button hover title styled with bootstrap
textarea-menu | Cusomize the wysiwyg buttons and button groups *See Below If nothing is specified then the default buttons and groups will be shows. **disabled | Disable the buttons and wysiwig area


If you don't need all of the buttons and functions of the default WYSIWYG editor you can customize it.

To do so you need to create a scope variable in your controller. This variable be an array that contains arrays of button groups.

    //This also happens to be the default menu options.
    $scope.yourModel.customMenu = [
            ['bold', 'italic', 'underline', 'strikethrough', 'subscript', 'superscript'],
            ['font-color', 'hilite-color'],
            ['ordered-list', 'unordered-list', 'outdent', 'indent'],
            ['left-justify', 'center-justify', 'right-justify'],
            ['code', 'quote', 'paragragh'],
            ['link', 'image']

So above each array will end up being a group of the specified buttons.

Note: The font and font-size dropdowns must be in thier own group.

List of possible buttons | ------------| bold | italic | underline | strikethrough | subscript | superscript | font | font-size | font-color | hilite-color | remove-format | ordered-list | unordered-list | outdent | indent | left-justify | right-justify | center-justify | code | paragragh | quote | link | image |

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