AngularJS Wordpress Theme - used for building single page client side applications using WordPress.


Angular Core Dependency: ^1.6.1

Module License: GPLV3

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Roy Sivan
Roy Sivan

Module Description

WordPress Angular Theme


Version 5.0 is a minor refactor.
It includes removal of all AngularJS factory code, replacing some code.

MAJOR UPDATE - Posts are now viewable via url route /posts/post-slug, not by ID anymore, I will be releasing a forwarder for ID -> slug routing soon.

What? Why?

I wanted to learn Angular, and I already have spent the last 10 years developing in WordPress. The best way to for me to learn was to make this.. but maybe someone else will find some awesome use for it.

The WordPress theme is built primarily using Front-Page.php to run as the main ng-view.



Twitter Bootstrap - for easy customization and responsive design

LESS CSS - Personal preference over SASS

JSON API - Required plugin for RESTful API

Install Instructions

  • Download / Pull All Files
  • FTP to your themes directory
  • Download/Instal the JSON API WordPress Plugin by Ryan McCue
  • Activate Theme under Appearances
  • Create 'Main Nav' Menu for easy creation of angularJS menu
  • Add Widgets to Desired Sidebar
  • Come back and fork me


FRONT-PAGE - front-page.php is identical to index.php, to allow for your theme to be adjusted accordingly.

Navigation - Defaulted to "Main Nav", needs to be created in the WordPress Dashboard.

Content Block - used to insert content from page or post, example:
<ng-include src=" dir+'block.php?id=2&title=true' "></ng-include>
There are 2 variables passed to file, the id of the post/page content you wish to display. As well as whether you want a <h2> title block to come with it, which will automatically get the title of the ID passed.

EDIT/DELETE BUTTONS - in the list view you will find as the buttons to delete and edit the post. These are displayed on check of user login status, as a redudancy to help.

set by localize_script in functions.php

  • MyAjax.ajaxurl - WordPress default admin ajax
  • MyAjax.resturl - JSON-REST-API url
  • Directory.url - Template Directory (good for setting .html template location)
  • - WordPress URL (url of your site)

To Do List

Continuation of development will include priority level items such as:

  • Comment Templating
  • the_content filter to automatically change internal URL's to angular routing
  • Secondary Template usage for search engine bots, and non-js clients
  • Automatic redirection from bot defined URL of page/post to angular routed URL

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