A collection of twitter-related AngularJS filters.

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Devin Clark
Devin Clark

Module Description

AngularJS Twitter Filter Collection

This is a simple collection of AngularJS filters to link a twitter username, link a hashtag, and properly format a full tweet. This is mostly me cutting my teeth on AngularJS filters. I might expand it in the future if I find more useful filters. If you happen to find one, feel free to add an issue (or even better, a pull request).


I used literals to make setup easier for me but you can plug a variable in the same way.

<div ng-bind-html="'@iDevinClark' | linkUsername"></div>
<div ng-bind-html="'#twitter' | linkHashtag"></div>
<div ng-bind-html="'ngBoilerplate v0.3.0 Released #AngularJS  via @iDevinClark' | tweet"></div>

ng-bind-html is necessary because if not it will render encode the HTML. If there is a way to do this without the dependency, I would love to hear about it. Open an issue and let me know.


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