i18n in your Angular apps, made easy.


Angular Core Dependency: >=1.2.26 <=1.6

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i18n for your Angular app, made easy!


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Presentation (Dutch AngularJS Meetup 2013)

angular-translate Talk

Presentation ( 2014)

angular-translate Talk


Useful resources

There are some very useful things on the web that might be interesting for you, so make sure to check this list.

Thank you, community!

We got a lot of great feedback from the community so far! More and more people use this module and they are always thankful for it and the awesome support they get. I just want to make sure that you guys know: All this wouldn't have been possible without these great contributors and everybody who comes with new ideas and feature requests! So THANK YOU!


Contributing to angular-translate is fairly easy. This document shows you how to get the project, run all provided tests and generate a production ready build.


Unit tests

Note: Check that dependencies are be installed (npm install).

The unit tests are available with npm test which is actually a shortcut for grunt test. It performs tests under the current primary target version of AngularJS. Use npm run-script test-scopes for testing other scoped versions as well.


Licensed under MIT.

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