angularjs directive for the squire rich test editor


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Module Description


angularjs directive for the squire rich text editor.


  • html sanitization with the default configuration (make XSS harder)
  • a better ui than squire's example
  • minimal look and feel
  • my cat loves it

Check out the DEMO


bower install angular-squire --save

or include the following in your code:



add an angular module dependency: angular-squire

basic usage of the directive looks like this:

<squire editor-class="foo" height="150px"
    ng-model="myModel" body="initialValue"
    placeholder="Type in here!">

editor-class - class given to the editor container (optional)
height - css height for the editor (optional)
width - css width for the editor (optional) body - binding that contains the initial html contents of the editor, if different from ng-model (optional) ng-model - where does the html go? required
placeholder - placeholder text (optional)

With cover and controls

You can use <squire-cover> and <squire-controls> elements within the body of the <squire> tag.

squire-cover will display its contents instead of the editor until you click on it, at which point it will hide and show you the editor and the controls (optional)

squire-controls will place it's contents within the squire div. Its purpose is to add buttons under the editor which you can hide and show together with the editor.


<squire height="150px" ng-model="bar" name="body" placeholder="why do you like cats?" required>
        <div style="border: 1px solid #dde6e8; color: #bbb; padding: 10px; cursor: pointer;">Click if you like cats</div>
        <div class="form-group">
            <button class="btn btn-primary pull-right" style="margin-top: 10px;" type="button">Meow</button>


squireServiceProvider is available to configure the directive. It has the following methods:

onPaste(cb) cb = function(e, editor) - e contains fragment that will be pasted
onChange(cb) cb = function(e, editor) - e contains html that will be set into ng-model
strictPaste(isEnabled) (default: false) pass true to only allow div, span, b, i elements in pasted content
sanitizeOptions.paste(obj) object containing custom sanitize.js options to sanitize pasted content
sanitizeOptions.input(obj) object containing custom sanitize.js options to sanitize ALL content
enableSanitizer(isEnabled) (default: true) should we sanitize all html? only safe attributes and tags which the editor can create are allowed by default. Change behavior via methods above

changing the template

If you want to change the editor's template html, you can do so by putting your custom template into the $templateCache under the key /modules/angular-squire/editor.html after you include this directive's javascript.

For example html template see current template

For advanced usage see demo.

customizing scss styles

The dist dir comes with the original sass stylesheet used to generate the css. You may elect to include this instead of the css if you already use sass in your project.

The scss file dist/css/angular_squire.scss contains some variables which you may override:

$angular-squire-border-radius: 5px !default;
$angular-squire-container-bg: #dde6e8 !default;
$angular-squire-border-color: #dde6e8 !default;
$angular-squire-popover-bg: #FAFAFA !default;
$angular-squire-highlight-color: #55ACEE !default;
$angular-squire-wrapper-padding: 5px 0 !default;

depends on

"angular": "~1.3.8",
"underscore": "~1.7.0",
"jquery": ">= 1.9.0",
"font-awesome": "~4.3.0",
"squire-rte": "~1.0.1"


npm install bower -g
npm install gulp -g
npm install
bower install
gulp build

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